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Re: makedev reimplementation

On 10-Jul-2002 Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> To clarify, in my previous post the part about self-advertisement was
> _not_ about Andreas.  I have absolutely nothing against him.
> It was about myself, about my frustration in having my (IMO) valuable
> work overlooked, because I am so _bad_ at self-advertisement.  And not
> just in this instance, it's more like the story of my life.

Debian is a meritocracy -- the best implementation wins.  So you have to
announce and push a piece of software to get sufficient mindshare.  lintian
started off small and eventually gained its rank as a useful tool.  apt did the
same thing.  It is not self advertisement -- we do not necessarily care that
you Ian wrote it.  Rather, you are lobbying for our time and for your work.

This is a general problem in open source and a big reason why a site like
freshmeat exists.  perhaps your next project could be freshmeat.debian.net
where there is nothing but in house Debian development.

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