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Re: Linux Fonts


On Mon, 08 Jul 2002 at 06:06:44AM -0700, Dustin Mofos wrote:
> Hopefully this is the right list to ask these
> questions, if not please point me in the right
> direction.

As good as any I suppose...

> My questions are:
> 1. What sort of liscense should I release it under?  I
> would like it to be freely changeable, distributable,
> sellable, ect. with the condition that a small text
> file accompanies the distribution. Could this fall
> under the GPL?  As the typeface is truetype, there is
> no "source code" beyond the font file itself.

I would assume you could consider the GPL.  There is no source code as you
mentioned...but I believe GPL would still be appropriate.  Just make sure
to distribute the license.  It is available at:

> 2. I am sort of new to the Linux community so I am not
> really sure who I should let know when my font is
> ready, so that it could possible be included in
> various distros?

I can't speak for other distros but when the font is done you can post a bug
to wnpp titled RFP (Request for Package).  If you need help with this...
feel free to email me personally.  A developer (Or new maintainer) will then
look at the package and if they are interested in it they will package it.

> Thanks
No Problem... 


wget -O - http://www.zionlth.org/~plhofmei/ | gpg --import

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