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X lockups

This past weekend, I noticed my system locked up in an X windows session.
This system has an nvidia card, GEForce2 MX, and I have been using
nvidia drivers.

To regain control of the console, I logged in remotely using ssh
and killed X.  But that left the screen in an odd state (I guess the
nvidia start-up routine that's executed when X comes up has to be 
somehow turned off (how?))  So I had to reboot.  This has now become
an every-time-I-bring-up-X experience.

I have tried all of the following fixes, and the situation seems only
to be deteriorating (i.e., the X window locks up immediately or almost
immediately now):
-- Upgraded packages, using unstable.  
-- Install gnome2, including, eventually, gnome-session2 when I found 
   out where it was.
-- Try using fvwm2 instead of gnome.
-- Remove all gnome, fvwm, xserver related packages, and reinstall
   gnome2 and fvwm
-- Try gnome again
-- Try fvwm again

I haven't seen anything in any log or .xsession-errors file that would
indicate the nature of the problem.  

Does anyone know what change might have occurred in the last week or so
that could cause such a failure?


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