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Re: dselect UTF-8 bug not fixed

On  1/07/02 at 14:53:40, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> It's not a bug.

Well, I believe it is. You count the number of characters in the string,
perhaps using strlen or some other non-UTF-8-aware function.


"A small modification will be necessary for all programs that determine
the number of characters in a string by counting the bytes. In UTF-8
mode, they must not count any bytes in the range 0x80 - 0xBF, because
these are just continuation bytes and not characters of their own. C's
strlen(s) counts the number of bytes, but not necessarily the number of
characters in a string correctly. Instead, mbstowcs(NULL,s,0) can be
used to count characters if a UTF-8 locale has been selected."

> It is someone who tries to do something in the source that is simply
> not possible.

Sorry, I don't understand that sentence.

> The bug here is the translation, not the code.
> I prefer to have the current broken translation fixed.

Oh, so it's _my_ bug suddenly? (When a moment ago you said there weren't
any bug at all.) What exactly is the bug in the translation? Using
umlauts? Then check the other translations:
    "kopiëren van informatiebestand `%.255s'"
    "[M]ise à jour"
Broken translations everywhere!

I will not reopen the bug as it's your package, but I still believe you
are wrong here.


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