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Re: Paper on init scripts and Debian (debconf2)

In article <20020630171457.F23292@khazad-dum>,
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh  <hmh@debian.org> wrote:
>I have uploaded to http://people.debian.org/~hmh/ a paper about init scripts
>and Debian.  People attending my talk about init scripts at debconf2 should
>try to read that paper before the conference.

I can't attend the conference, but a few small remarks:

- in fact, sysvinits /sbin/init isn't that big, it appears big
  because glibc is a monster.

  $ size /sbin/init
     text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
    24650	   1224	    468	  26342	   66e6	/sbin/init

- 5.1: "init q" means "re-read inittab", and "init u" means "re-exec"
       (the `u' stands for "upgrade")

- 5.4.2: This paragraph shows a slight misunderstanding of how
         sysvinit works. /etc/rcX.d/Kxx scripts are not executed
         when a runlevel is left, they are executed when a
         runlevel is entered! This is also how it is specified
         to update-rc.d

- After woody, I intend to break up sysvinit into probably three
  packages. One containing just the binaries (init, shutdown, etc),
  probably called 'sysvinit-bin', one containing the basic initscripts
  (/etc/init.d/checkroot.sh etc), probably called 'initscripts-base',
  and one containing the startup-policy (/etc/init.d/rc etc) for which
  I don't have a proper name (sysvinit-boot ?). That last one could
  be replaced with file-rc, or any other scheme.


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