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Re: About #148690: ITP: lingoteach

> As far as I know, I have to get my gpg-key signed first for 
> the process to become an official maintainer. But after 
> finishing this, what will happen then?
Yes, you should find any debian maintainer, who will sign
your gpg-key, next you should post on debian-mentors@lists.debian.org,
and find advocate, who will approve your gpg-key - an easiest
way is use you signer as advocate :-))) Next, in about two weeks
I think, an AM should mail to you - and you'll be processed
to debian maintainer with some steps... 

(how long can it take between the signing an getting)
As I said before, easiest way is use as advocate your key-signer,
but ... I've got bad news - I started my NM process half year
ago, and I'm not maintainer today - so it's a long trip ...

Mati (mati@mati.rm.pl)
Sounds like a Windows problem, try calling Microsoft support

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