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Re: woody bf2.4 install (3.0.23-2002-05-21)

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 03:53:59PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> Osamu Aoki wrote on Sun Jun 23, 2002 um 07:51:59PM:
> > Conclusion: Not bad but some touch up will not harm.
> > 
> > Summary of issues:
> >  1.  This is as good as potato boot-floppies but not much better.
> Depends on what you expect.

It was good and still good console installer, IMHO.  But it can be
better.  Keep expectation high :-)

> >  2.  tasksel choices (especially missing newbie entry and games 
> >      selected by traditional unix server) need fix.
> I proposed a change some months ago, current task series are kludges. But some
> influentive people do not like changes, see
> http://people.debian.org/~blade/task_proposal.txt

I see.  You have good point.  I still want to have "mc" in client
machine as a console app. 

> >  3.  Some efforts to reduce messages are still desirable.
> File bug when you think that the severity is not appropriate.

I will once I am convinced.  This mail was to check my understanding.

> >  4.  Central logging capabilities of warning messages are desirable.
> You can send mails on debconf _notes_. Means, the maintainer must set as a
> such type.

These should be used more.

> >  5.  Hardware configurations, especially network card configuration,
> >      needs to be user friendly and more descriptive.
> What? You can enter your IP stuff, or use DHCP? What do you mean with more
> user-friendly? Every use should know what an IP adress and gateway is, when
> she wants to change it.

I was talking about hardware configuration of NIC cards.  Menu to do
"insmod tulip" and set up /etc/modules.

IP address etc. are quite understandable.

> > *** Oops.  eth0 was not connected to LAN. Yes, I had 2 Ethernet cards.
> >            Selecting eth1 did not fix problem.  I needed to do "ifconfig
> >            eth0 down" manually after activating both eth0 and eth1
> >            accidentally.  eth1 was connected to LAN.  When I bounced
> Argh. I guess, you have set the default route, and afterwards, the new route
> did not work. Okay, this maybe needs a fix.

I first selected eth0 (Damb me.  I did not check back panel)  I
realized it was not connected.  Then I selected eth1.  Menu only do
"ifconfig eth1 up" but not "ifconfig eth0 down".  So 2 NIC with same IP.
I need to get my hand dirty otherwise I needed redo everything.

> >            back to network configuration, it will be nice if "ifconfig
> >            eth0 down" can be done by menu.)
> Exactly this in the installation step... could be implemented...
> maybe...

This should be one of the many wishlist bug to the installer.  Going
back is important.  Ability to undo during installation process is key.

> > * Make system bootable (I drop lilo into /dev/hda1 since it is robust
> >   against DOS stupidity instead of supposedly secure /dev/hda.  Anyway,
> >   I get warned security of lilo. MBR install has too wordy, I never read
> >   its content. )
> The security warning is meant to protect your system ;)

How many people read long warning.  It is install process after all.
debconf _notes_ sounds right thing.

> > * Enable MD5 password instead. (Why not as default?  More help info?)
> Explanation is there.

Yes NFS.

> > * Set up apt source list. Why "non-US" is asked here.  It is meaningless
> >   to talk about US law under current crypt-in-main archive.
> Think again. Crypto-in-main, and _only_ in main.

contrib and non-free, I see.  So this is not bug.

> > * Sparely "kernel link failure warning".  But who remember complicated
> >   scheme described here?  It is better to have some central warning
> >   archive so we can see it later.
> Hm. I did not face the link failure since 2.4.17pre-something. Maybe
> this warning should be removed.

Same here. 2.4.18 these days.

> > * Locales: One with @euro? How important?  Who knows what it means
> >   to be ISO???? code as a user?
> You need an AI to make a good decision for the user. 

It could be just POSIX or C only as default.  debconf _notes_ to remind
people how to change.  Or first selection of installer language shall be
a guide for default.

> > * ssh v2 only.  OK but why stop here.
> Since people expect it to work as-is, and should have a clue when it
> refuses to work with other (eg. Potato) boxes, or decide to keep
> compatibility.
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