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Re: Unable to fix my bugs -- Debian keyring -- vacation

On 24/06/2002 Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > < azeem> elmo_home: ok, well. What about those who already got a new key
> >         signed and sent it to you?
> > < elmo_home> azeem: that's part of the post; basically, unless they've
> >         done something like revoke their old key, the new key's not
> >         going to be accepted.. there's no need to go weakening the web
> >         of trust for no good reason
> Thats a bad thing. You must be able to add new keys. They should be
> properly signed like the ones needed for ID at NM stage, but then it
> should be *no* problem to add. Then it is not a "weakening" of the web
> of trust.

Hu? Why do you want 2 keys in the debian keyring? What reasons do you
have? It's senceless because one key is enough. And if your key doesn't
work any longer, then revoke it.

The only problem is if you had no backup and no revoke certificate and
removed your ~/.gnupg then. That's stupid (it happened to me *g*), and
there should be a procedure to evidence that it's your key, like sending
a copy of you identity card per post to the keyring-maint, or some other
procedure (I have no other idea at the moment).


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