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Naming of apt sources on CDs


yesterday, we (on a Debian weekend in our LUG) ran into an error with
installing woody per net with start of a unofficial woody CD (LinuxTag
2002 Ed.).

The woody CD images [1] write stable as dist in the /etc/apt/sources.list
and that does work well unless you do not try to switch to installing
from any Debian ftp mirror in the world.

Afer that switch, it is tried to install from stable which is not the
best as long as woody is not stable yet :-(.

So I would propose to not put any stable/testing statements in any of
the CDs so these problems which would occur at _any_ freeze do not.

I know that I should look in /etc/apt/sources.list after installation
and selecting the apt source but the problem is, that this not really
is obvious and some people are installing packages from potato if they
want to have potato packages.

What do you think?


[1] at least this one

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