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Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx

On Wed 19 Jun, Michael Vogt wrote:
> I can confirm what wookey says. At least emdebsys is in quite good
> shape. We use it at university for a emdebeded system project and the
> results are good. 
> There is a problem though. The frontend relies on CML2 [1] which was part 
> of kbuild 2.5 but was removed recently and is no longer developed.

I wondered if that was going to happen, given the direction of kbuild. Oh

> So before emdebsys can reach production quality IMHO a new frontend has
> to be written :-/ IMHO the CML2 frontend was always the weak point of
> emdebsys (whereas the snp-backend was the real strengh), because you had
> to do to much "by-hand" in order to include new config-options. I have
> some ideas about a new frontend (which could use more debian tools like
> python-apt, a Package-like description and so on), but other duties
> keeps me from working on it :-/ 

Care to expand on your ideas? Can we use the new kbuild config mechanism in a
similar way to CML2 or is there some other config language/machanism that
might be good.

Suggestions welcome.

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