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Re: Bad stuff after todays apt-get upgrade - a co-incidence really

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:50, Craig Dooley wrote:
> Sorry to be vague last night.  I was in a state of panic when i couldnt
> even login to see what i could have possibly done.  Im on debian unstable,
> dist-upgraded yesterday, kernel 2.4.18 stock + alsa + nvidia.  I didnt
> upgrade my kernel yesterday, but it was still strange.  It's find now that
> I've rebooted, but I cant think of an answer to why it happened yesterday. 
> Seems to be okay now though.  Sorry for jumping the gun and sending to the
> devel list so quick.  Just kinda paniced when I couldnt open anymore
> shells, especially not to see what i had done.  Sorry about that -Craig

Doing an upgrade is an intensive process, lots of disk and CPU activity, you 
can expect your machine to run hotter than usual when this is happening.  So 
if you have some parts of your machine that are of marginal quality then they 
may fail at such a time even though they usually work.

I suggest running some benchmarks or kernel builds overnight to see if that 
causes a similar problem.  If so you have to look at your hardware and try 
replacing things that may be faulty.

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