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Re: design of an apt-src program

Nicolai P Guba <nicolai@gnu.ai.mit.edu> writes:

> On Monday 17 June 2002 1:40 am, Joey Hess wrote:
> > 11. Support auto-rebuilds on upgrade?
> OOOH.	 This is a nice one :)  How about managing custom source builds?  That 
> would rock ;)

common-lisp-controller ("c-l-c") already does this for Common Lisp
packages.  (cmucl-source is the one that Joey mentioned. see also:
cclan.sf.net for non-debian packages that use it.) However, upgrading
a package causes all related source to be recompiled. E.g., upgrading
sbcl causes all the installed c-l-c-aware packages to be recompiled by
sbcl. Pretty nasty on a slow/overloaded box.

What would be neat is some decent way of managing which packages
should be auto-built by which compilers. Note that on my system I
currently have 4 CL compilers (plus 3 more that are not c-l-c-ized)
and over a dozen source packages. Also, there is an ugly
read-time-conditional (similar to #ifdef in C) that causes the
compilation to fail if a package that only works for cmucl is compiled
with a different compiler.

I have an idea of how to fix this issue, but it would be a CL-specific
solution (also depending on asdf, probably, for those who care).

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