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Re: design of an apt-src program

>>"Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
 Joey> 1. Simple command to install a source tree.
 Joey> 2. Simple command to remove a source tree.
 Joey> 3. Customizable source tree locations. Put it wherever you want it.
 Joey> 4. A way to query for the location of a source tree, so
 Joey>    software that needs 
 Joey>    to include stuff from it to build, or build parts of it, can work.
 Joey> 5. An upgrade command that updates the source trees, ideally
 Joey>    first checking for local modifcations to each and aborting
 Joey>    if so (or generating forward patches).
 Joey> 6. Use by regular users, but also usable by root to install in canoical
 Joey>    locations (/usr/src).
 Joey> 7. Sources installable from CD, etc.
 Joey> 8. An interface familiar to anyone who knows apt.
 Joey> 9. A way to list available source trees and their locations.
 Joey> 10. Handle source dependencies amoung source trees; build-dep
 Joey>     satisfaction on tree install and upgrade.
 Joey> 11. Support auto-rebuilds on upgrade?

	Could one support a local CVS repository?  So an initial
 installation of a source tree call a cvs import in a post-inst
 script; and an update of the source import it into the vendor branch? 

	I would love to be able to have triggers that build parts of
 the tree when dependent parts are updated. Being able to specify the
 commands to be called would be nice -- One could use
 cvs-buildpackage, pbuider, cvs-pbuildepackage, or whatever, in order
 to have the tree rebuilt. 

 Joey> Let the command be "apt-src". It would support these actions:

 Joey> apt-src install foo
 Joey> 	apt-get source foo into dir under current directory. Possibly
 Joey> 	rename directory to remove version number.

	Possible call a script (cvs import, cvs-inject) when done.
 Joey> 	If foo is already installed here, upgrade it instead.

	Umm. I would like to have an explicit command to do this, and
 have a a post upgrade run of cvs-upgrade kinda things.

 Joey> 	Check that build-deps are satisfied (via apt-get build-dep foo).
 Joey> 	Check that source-deps are satisfied as well; if not install them
 Joey> 	recursively. 
	That would be nice.

 Joey> 	Support a --build to make it compile the tree after download.

	With options to call alternate build commands, which
 themselves could be CVS aware.

 Joey> apt-src remove foo
 Joey> 	remove source tree for foo, checking source-deps of source trees
 Joey> 	installed by this user first.

	Hmm. I don't know how to incorporate this into a local CVS paradigm

 Joey> Since this can be used by regular users, this needs to be stored in user
 Joey> home dirs for regular users ~/.apt-src/status ? For root, it can be in
 Joey> /var/

	This should definitely be a configuration option. All my
 coworkers and I can share a repository/build tree, with proper group

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