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Re: Little things make the initial install experience painful

Branden Robinson wrote:
However, the underlying problem has little to do with the installers,
and more to do with the fact that the Debian HTTP mirrors spend a lot of
their time desynchronized.

The ultimate fix for that problem lies with the mirror operators, I

IANAFM (ftp-master) but it seems like all the http.us mirrors have been traditionally push primary mirrors. In that vein, they should all be updated at near the same time and in sync. I believe the real issue is that someone who has access to the push-primary logs and other data (whos got that program that scans the mirrors for freshness, it was logging to some files on the web somewhere....) needs to look at them and make a decision as to which mirror is not being updated and either remove that mirror or rectify the issue. I would be willing to look into this if i remembered where the resources are. Otherwise, writing a script to check freshness among the http.us mirrors shouldn't be too hard.

In any case, if debootstrap or whatever is retrieving things at that point could just use the same server (by ip) that it retrieved the Packages file from....

It would be neat to have a mirror selection tool that told a person how many hops to each server if they want to know, because in many cases on huge links closer is better. A selection tool that also accepted tags for mirrors on major non internet1 networks would be helpful. (abliene, geant, etc) Building a query tool to use debconf might be the way to go.

Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> http://www.ringworld.org/

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