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Re: automake1.6-doc -> Conflicts: automake1.4

Well they contained the some of the same files so they had to
conflict. But automake1.6-doc doesn't exist anymore, its been rolled
in automake1.6 so it's not an issue anymore.

* christophe barbé (christophe.barbe.ml@online.fr) wrote:
> I have not followed the recent thread about automake1.6 but is it normal
> that the doc package conflicts with automake1.4 ?y 
> Christophe
> ~# apt-cache show automake1.6-doc
> Package: automake1.6-doc
> Priority: extra
> Section: doc
> Installed-Size: 120
> Maintainer: Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org>
> Architecture: all
> Source: automake1.6
> Version: 1.6.1-3
> Provides: automake-doc
> Suggests: automake1.6
> Conflicts: automake-doc, automake1.4, automake1.5

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