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Re: The New Security Build Infrastructure

Gergely Nagy wrote:

> > I disagree with t=1, t=1 should be "researcher releases PUBLIC advisory"
> > in my opinion.
> So users can flame all distributions for not having a fix available for
> a know vulnerability? And especially Debian, because as previously said,
> with 11 architectures, it will come out dead last?
> I'd be very pissed if that would be how things work, as I do not want to
> let every bugtraq reader try the published exploit BEFORE there is a fix
> available.
So in other words, you'd rather they all had their machines vulnerable
to potential hackers for a period of time?

As a user, I'd rather know about the exploit at t=1, so I can decide
whether to shut down that service or not until my software provider of
choice have provided updated software.

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