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Re: The New Security Build Infrastructure

Scott James Remnant set us up the following:
> > 
> Could you imagine what your reply would have been if you'd read the next
> couple of paragraphs of my e-mail?

uhm,  the same?  (hint: i read it)

> I *know* this.

_you_ do.  Joe Generic User may not (why are they reading debian-devel
then, i guess is the question?)

a lot of other people reading this thread (based upon past history, no
indication of futre performance blah blah blah) seem to Not Get It.

> I disagree with t=1, t=1 should be "researcher releases PUBLIC advisory"
> in my opinion.

hmm;  that's a tougher cookie.  that puts everyone in the same boat
certainly.  RFP came up with a proposal about just that thing, and after
community feedback, he decided that vendor pre-notification is a _good_

i've noticed that GOBBLES is following the ``release early, release
often'' mantra.


ps: i'm subscribed, no need to cc me   thanks!

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