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Re: SuSE, Caldera, Connectiva and TurboLinux to do a new distribution togerther?

Em Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:55:59 +0200, Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> escreveu:

> Ah... there was a discussion about per-seat licensing, i.e. the end
> of 'copy it as many times as you like and install it on as many
> machines as you like'.  If this is done in a clean way, that's
> perfectly legal, but still not appreciated by the community etc.

SuSE said they would not charge per-seat licensing (I read it in
some news site)... but people from Conectiva told me per-seat licensing 
would happen... 

Caldera has done it before, and where's Caldera?

> Well, but does it affect us in any way?  We all know what's the best
> distribution for the server market anyway, don't we?


The Importance of Being Debian =D.


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