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Re: SuSE, Caldera, Connectiva and TurboLinux to do a new distribution togerther?

Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> In my opinion should every Linux distribution use apt-get or a port of
> it for their package system. There is nothing as easy as installing
> packages by apt-get or searchin with apt-cache.
> I saw the apt-get port for RPM for RedHat from Connectiva. I was sitting
> on a RedHat, and for the first look, it felt like a debian.... but only
> for the first look.

Yeah, we've had it in the LT office in KA.  It was quite confusing,
apt-get install something and it says 'package not found', especially
if you are 100% sure that the package exists because you're the
maintainer.  Very confusing... 



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