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Re: Path to Gnome2?

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 01:20:14AM +0100, Nicolai P Guba wrote:
> > Most applications are not yet Gnome2.  I don't recall for certain, but I
> > believe porting of Evolution has not even begun yet.
> Thank god for that.

Eh, that will change.  Porting it to Gnome2 will begin or has begun
sometime this month according to what I heard a week or two ago.  While I
have basically felt it necessary to warn people off of Gnome2 for now, it
really is getting better and more useful.  It's just not better or useful
enough yet - too many little but important details are not right or simply
not considered yet.

I'm confident it'll all happen in time, and some of the current batch of
problems are related to packages which are not current in experimental or
not yet packaged for Gnome2.  I'm not by any means warning people that
Gnome2 is bad, just that it's not even near ready, and a few upstream
people are not very friendly to you if you say that where they can hear

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