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Re: Path to Gnome2?

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 08:28:27PM -0700, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> Is there an upgrade path to Gnome2 for Woody or Sid? Something that
> properly removes all the other gnome libs and apps and upgrades to the
> new ones? Though I know many apps do not yet use the new GTK+2/Gnome2
> libs.
> I'm sure the two can co-exist, so what are people's experiences in
> updating to the new Gnome?

They do not co-exist and settings are not preserved.  The Gnome2 people do
not expect them to even partially co-exist (though with effort it can be
made to work for _most_ things, functionality is certainly lost in the
process however..)

The Gnome2 desktop release won't likely be 100% bug-free either.  Upstream
developers have cautioned that end-users may want to wait for a couple
revisions (so these bugs may be found and fixed and Sun or Ximian can try
to migrate user settings from Gnome1.4 for you maybe..)

Most applications are not yet Gnome2.  I don't recall for certain, but I
believe porting of Evolution has not even begun yet.

It is my opinion that whatever release comes after woody will probably
have Gnome2.  Not because I've read any coherent plans for a transition or
anything, but because I know that some plans in this regard will be made
and implemented some time before the next Debian release is made, if we
can consider history a guide.

I'd really suggest holding off on it unless you're either quite happy to
live with bugs or are willing to risk offending people who don't consider
these things to be "bugs"..  A short list of the known problems I've found
are: settings not being saved by some apps, general problems with fonts
all around, things which segfault on startup, and that sort of thing.  All
of these are problems I've experienced _within the past week_ using it.
Some of them have been fixed, some of them will be fixed, some of them are
unlikely to be fixed except by changes to XFree86.

If that doesn't scare you off, much of Gnome2 is available in the Debian
archive under project/experimental.  I suggest reading debian-gtk-gnome if
you start using ot so you're aware of what's happening there.

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