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Re: Path to Gnome2?

On Sun, 2002-06-16 at 04:28, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> Is there an upgrade path to Gnome2 for Woody or Sid? Something that
> properly removes all the other gnome libs and apps and upgrades to the
> new ones? Though I know many apps do not yet use the new GTK+2/Gnome2
> libs.
> I'm sure the two can co-exist, so what are people's experiences in
> updating to the new Gnome?
You should really read the achives for debian-gtk-gnome and post your
message there. The two sets of Debian executables cannot coexist because
we install into their proper locations governed by policy, ie
/usr/[share|bin|sbin|etc] where the previous 1.3 version exists.
Libraries can coexist so you can run GNOME 1.4 apps even if your session
is handled by GNOME2.

You can download packages with non-simultaenously installable
executables from experimental. Libraries maybe in both unstable and/or

The upgrade will become more and more smoothe as time progresses,
primarily because the Debian dependency system in excellent and tools
for managing the dependencies are well written.

Rob 'robster' Bradford

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