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Re: Debian on the Sharp Zaurus/SL-5xxx

On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 02:34:05PM -0400, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 07:29:22PM +0200, Magnus Ekdahl wrote:

> Which packages or programs seem superfluous to you?
> ncurses-base
> textutils
> bsdutils
> sed
> base-passwd
> util-linux
> ncurses-bin
> tar
> gzip
> dpkg
> base-files
> findutils
> shellutils
> grep
> mount
> e2fsprogs
> sysvinit
> perl-base
> hostname
> fileutils
> login
> diff
> bash
> debianutils
> I find this list quite reasonable; a case could perhaps be made against
> Perl, but having it available in base has saved me many times (including on
> the Zaurus, where I needed to setuid(geteuid()) from a shell).

You might be able replace the sed and grep binaries with perl scripts that
do the same, but it's probably not worth it. Particularly as subtle regexp
corner case differences between perl and the other two may make some shell
scripts break.

$ ls -l /bin/sed /bin/grep 
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        54708 Jun 26  2001 /bin/grep
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        22060 Jul  5  2001 /bin/sed

And I suspect that the effort you'd spend in writing and maintaining the
duplicate code would find more than 76k of savings elsewhere.

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 04:51:28AM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> Another one that could make a signifact difference for space constrained
> systems is the ability compile with -Os, specifying in the binary metadata
> what compile options were used or something. However it would be difficult
> to implement due to non-technical reasons.

Experimenting with -Os I've never found it that good at making binaries much
smaller on arm. (I think I was getting less than 1% smaller. The object
files in question happened to be current development perl. I'm not sure if
that makes a difference, ie whether the styleof C in perl isn't the sort of
thing that gcc's -Os can get a grip on)

Nicholas Clark
Even better than the real thing:	http://nms-cgi.sourceforge.net/

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