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Re: Some packages to adopt

>>>>> "Jérôme" == Jérôme Marant <jmarant@nerim.net> writes:
    Jérôme>   I'm orphaning the following packages :

    Jérôme>     - icewm (icewm-common, icewm-gnome, icewm,
    Jérôme> icewm-experimental, icewm-lite) Most of the bugs are
    Jérôme> upstream bugs. Someone who have a lot of interests in this
    Jérôme> window manager would be preferable.

    Jérôme>     - icepref (icewm preferences configurator): no bugs.
    Jérôme> - iceme (icewm menu editor): one wishlsit bug.

If you get no other takers, I'll adopt these.  Having finally left
fvwm behind, I'd be dead without icewm.


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