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Re: mount message unclear

> No. Basically, mount asks the kernel to mount something, and the kernel
> says "didn't work". So mount, being helpful, gives you a list of things
> that could have gone wrong.

ok. The kernel will say "didn't work", but surely it must be possible to
run another script on failure to look into the possible reasons. For
example, it might take a look at the fs & try to guess what filesystem
it actually is. Also, it may be useful to repeat what parameters were
entered. For example

mount: The filesystem type reiserfs was not found on /dev/hda1. The disk
seems to look like an ext3 partition.
The mount options you gave were:
 -v     Verbose mode.
 -n     Mount without writing in /etc/mtab.
 -s     Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than  failing

mount: Unable to decode the superblock on /dec/hda1. It does not look
like a hard disk.
The mount options you gave were:

This would be far easier if such software exists. If not, then perhaps
someone who knows about these things could suggest checks which could be
done to e.g. determine the correct file system type. 

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