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Re: The automake issue, and why crippling 1.6 is a bad plan

On Thu, 2002-06-13 at 22:36, Joseph Carter wrote:

> > If you make the changes to the configure.in, you (as the maintainer) run
> > autoconf yourself, the source package doesn't need to build-depend on
> > it.
> That's reasonable when it works.  It is not, however, entirely practical
> for large packages which actually do need to regenerate these things and
> then go through and manually touch 92 files in a specific order to ensure
> that nothing gets regenerated.  No, I think the build-dep on automake and
> autoconf is appropriate in this case, if only because it is the solution
> which is less of a gross hack.
I don't, AM_MAINTAINER_MODE will remove the need to touch all those
files (it makes it so it doesn't generate all the "rebuild autotools
files" rules aren't generated unless --enable-maintainer-mode is passed
to configure).

If all else fails, and you *really* need to run autotools on the build
platform (I really can't see an unfixable reason for this) then you
should build-dep on the right version of automake and call the versioned
binary not the alternative.

> SDL, of course, works with any version of autoconf 2.13 or greater and any
> version of automake 1.4 or greater.  And as long as I have the technical
> ability to test previous and future versions, it will continue to work
> that way.
There may be subtle differences that you don't know about.  Do you
really test every version of automake, autoconf and every variant on
every build architecture?

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