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Bug#149893: Black Penguin - a Q*Bert alike game

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

 Package name    : blackpenguin
 Version         : 0.2.1
 Upstream Author : Holger Priebs
 URL             : http://www.priebs.de/blackpenguin.html
 License         : GPL
 Description     : Q*Bert like game
  Black Penguin is a game which bears much similarity to one of the 80's most
  famous arcade games named Q*Bert.
  The goal in is to collect all items in the playing field without jumping off.
  To make this goal a bit more challenging, the Evil Window tries to catch the
  Black Penguin, and certain levels carry bombs on the playing fields - which
  means the Penguin has to be quick to escape the Evil Window but at the same
  time look out to not step onto one of these bombs.

Useful when you need half an hour distraction. It lacks some features such
as a highscore list, but the gameplay is complete.
I've built preliminary packages and put them at
http://p.d.o/~mechanix/packages/ (not aptable).



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 ease of use by breaking software. In the former we may excel.  In the
 latter we have to concede the field to Microsoft. Guess where I want to go
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