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Re: xfree86 with nvidia card, ppc woody

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 03:28:59PM -0500, Scott Royston wrote:

> Has anybody gotten xfree up and running with an nvidia card, with the 
> latest ppc woody version?
> The nvidia driver does not come with the package installation, I've also 
> read in various posts that the nvidia stuff was broken some time in the 
> 4.1.x.
> I found a possible solution w/ xeasyconfig, it talks about nvidia 
> support and supplies a link to a driver:
> http://tuxppc.org/projects/xeasyconf/
> unfortunately, it's a xfree86 4.2 solution, which I cannot successfully 
> build from scratch for the life of me.
> I also tried all kinds of vga driver variations in the config file with 
> no luck.

It worked fine for me with the "nv" driver, as long as I specified the PCI
bus ID when configuring xserver-xfree86.

 - mdz

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