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Re: chroot in /usr and initrd booting

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 02:20:19PM -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 02:59:45PM -0400, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > chroot(8) doesn't chroot its parent process either.  If pivot_root were
> > doing that job in this instance, it would presumably work similarly to
> > chroot(8).
> So you're suggesting a syntax such as
>   exec pivot_root /newroot /newroot/mnt [ /sbin/init | <command> ]
> ?  That seems more awkward to me than the current behavior;

What would you do with pivot_root and chroot?

pivot_root /newroot /newroot/mnt
exec chroot /newroot /sbin/init

Doesn't seem any better.

> in particular, there are a few commands I'm running here after pivotting
> and before exec'ing init.  I guess I don't see much advantage to making
> pivot_root a more complex tool just for this reason.

If you are doing that, then those commands are executing within the initrd
root anyway, correct?  Then what difference does it make whether they happen
before or after pivot_root?

 - mdz

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