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Re: dselect first impressions

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 04:24:04PM +0200, Aaron Isotton wrote:
> > Here I list my first impressions of woody's dselect.  If you think
> > these are bugs, please file them in your name.  I'm don't feel like
> > submitting bug reports at this time.  I suppose I should try some of
> > the newer dselect alternatives.  Anyway,
> [snip]
> Try aptitude instead of dselect; it doesn't have many of its
> problems. It's IMHO much better, and it is the new "standard" package
> managing tool.

aps100@cyclone:~$ apt-cache show aptitude
Package: aptitude
Priority: optional
Section: admin

aps100@cyclone:~$ apt-cache show dpkg    
Package: dpkg
Essential: yes
Priority: required
Section: base

dselect is "standard" by any reasonable definition of standard,
regardless of what some people would like to think.

Works fine, too. Specific problems with it should be directed to
submit@bugs.debian.org, non-specific fluff should be ignored.

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