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Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V2002 #258

I downloaded WineX from CVS, and I am now running the Windows version of 
Diablo2 (with a patched Game.exe), Half-life, and Quake III (yeah, I know 
about the native version, but I thought I'd give it a try under WineX).
Performance is quite a bit slower than native games, with Diablo 2 being the 
worst performer until I turned all video settings down. On the positive side, 
Diablo 2's video test program gave me the option of 2d or 3d rendering.  I am 
quite impressed. Compiling WineX is so trivial that I am surprised noone has 
mentioned how to do it. Simply cd into the wine directory you have created 
from CVS, and: winetools/wineinstall
 That's it!

On Monday 03 June 2002 06:39 pm, debian-devel-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> That being said, I don't think many of us care one way or another.  If I
> want winex, I'll download the CVS snapshot.  If it runs my games well
> enough, I may even purchase their monthly license.  If not, I won't give
> them a dime.  As it stands, I'm happy playing RtoCW, Quake3, UT, and
> other Linux native games, so they won't get a dime from me anyway.

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