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My galeon package chaos...

Hi Jared (CC: debian-devel, to apologize for my mess)

I guess i won't update galeon any more the next weeks... i've done so
many errors, i should concentrate more on other stuff first, then return
to Debian work... The most urgent things with galeon should be fixed now.
(last uploaded package by me was 1.2.3-6)

I hope you have time to take care of the package now. At least when the
security updates for woody are being built you should try to get a clean
galeon package into woody.

There's some _very_ weird bug with the packages though:
i just tried to install my packages; this failed:
somehow /etc/gconf/schemas/galeon.schemas was missing.
But the file _is_ in the package!
When i --purge the package and install it then it works.
But i had to purge it first, before i can install the package.
Most probably this is dpkg conffile related; but i do not know how the
file was lost...  This happened the second time for me; but i don't know
how to reproduce it...  Any idea?

Erich Schubert

erich@(mucl.de|debian.org)        --        GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C
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