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Re: Bug#147303: ITP: winex -- A DESCRIPTION

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:26:12PM +0300, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 06:54:14PM +0200, Ove Kaaven wrote:
> > +Note that while this license does permit certain kinds of non-commercial 
> > +distribution of pre-compiled binary packages of WineX, doing so on a large 
> > +scale is discouraged, as it affects TransGaming's ability to continue
> > +to improve and develop the code.  TransGaming reserves the right to 
> > +change the license under which future code is made available, and will 
> > +not hesitate to do so if non-commercial distribution of pre-compiled 
> > +binary packages adversely affects the financing of continued development.
> Still not good enough for me, it is still a threat to take their ball
> and go away, and still it is not a license change. And I don't buy the
> objection that any kind of necessary license change will take fair use
> rights from users, the right to distribute is not that kind of right
> that I would agree to get in pieces: if I am restricted from large scale
> distribution of my derivative of their work, I am not interested in
> limited distribution either.
> In this particular case (Debian and WineX), there is a technical reason
> to back my ideological principles: I don't want to install binary from
> unreliable source into my Debian system, I want binary from official
> Debian Developer. I don't want to have to build it myself with each
> update, I don't want to go hunting all over the Web for one deb, I don't
> want to clean up after bugs that some outsider to Debian an introduce,
> and I don't want to trust binaries from some "smaller-scale" server.

You do realize that we are talking about non-free software, do you?

I don't get why everybody gets so upset about this. WineX is non-free,
cope with it. They don't claim anything immoral anymore so it's OK I
guess. I don't know if you get .debs when you subscribe, but Ove might
want to add a debian/ dir to cvs to make building a *local* (like in the
intended use) package easier for Debian users.

Actually, I'd be more interested in Crossover-{Plugin, Office} debian
packages, too. Dunno what kind of license Codeweaver's put on their


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