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ITP: Babel, a Scientific Interface Definition Language (SIDL) support tool

 Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


I intend to package Babel, a tool from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, homepage:


From that page:

   "The Babel tool suite consists of a number of separate pieces: a
   SIDL parser, a code generator, a small run-time support library, and
   the Alexandria <http://www.llnl.gov/CASC/components/alexandria.html>
   component repository."

Babel and SIDL will be essential for the packaging of PETSc version 3, currently under development and intended for release later this year. (I am also the maintainer of the Debian PETSc package, version 2.1.1 of which is planned for release with woody and 2.1.2 is in unstable.)

Copyright is of the "All rights reserved" variety, with the following excerpted from the COPYRIGHT file:

   Commercialization of this product is prohibited without notifying
   the Department of Energy (DOE) or Lawrence Livermore National
   Laboratory (LLNL).

This is obviously in conflict with DFSG, so Babel will go in non-free, putting PETSc 3 in contrib (when it is released). I will both request permission for distribution from upstream as a precondition to uploading it into the archive, and also pursue the possibility of DFSG-compatible licensing, since this is really not a favorable state of affairs; I'm accepting it for now as a necessary evil but will do what I can to change it.


-Adam P.

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