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Re: php.ini configure package

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 09:01:16AM -0500, Chad Walstrom wrote:
> IMHO, this is a very Bad Thing(TM).  The most elegant solution I've seen
> is to add the php_include_path in your Apache configuration via an
> Include statement referrencing the software's /etc/<package>/apache.conf
> file.  Include the /etc/<package>/ directory for customized *.php or
> *.inc files as well as the installed share directory
> /usr/share/<package>.

I would encourage this kind of approach (which is also documented in

Better would be to put the configuration inside /etc/apache/conf/<pkg>.conf
and let apache include /etc/apache/conf/*. In this way package have only to
make apache reload the configuration.
Of course /etc/apache/conf/ sould be a directory.
I'm not sure about apache-{ssl,perl} but a similar solution should be aplpied.

Indeed this is apache-only solution, and apache is not the only one http
server in Debian.

Most probably, in woody+1, wwwconfig-common (or what it will be) will feature
an utility to handle the modification of the include_path configuration

> The problem with this approach is that you expose the subdirectories to
> ALL of the PHP packages, then.  I don't really want my Horde libraries
> accessible from phpGroupWare, for example.

Neither would I :)

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