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Re: Mozilla & Galeon updates in sid

On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 03:35:38PM +0200, seb wrote:
> I think it would be a good idea if galeon's and mozilla's maintainers 
> work together to release news versions of their packages at the same
> time.

Why?  All you have to do is wait until they're in sync before you update
either one.  You do *manage* your box, right?  Not just have apt-get run
via cron every night?

> What do you think about this ? Synchronize the updates, or create a 
> second mozilla's package for galeon of mozilla would be a solution,
> isn't it ?

Personally, I see no reason to wait for the dependent package to be reading
before updating the parent.  Besides, there are all kinds of people who
have zero use for Galeon.  Myself, I certainly wouldn't want to be waiting
for the Galeon maintainer to get their act together before I could have a
new Mozilla build.

Marc Wilson

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