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Re: How do I install woody on 160 GB harddisk on KT333 chipset?

On 01-Jun 05:57, Till Tippel wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > On Jun 01, Joseph Carter wrote:
> > > Oh no, it's a valid complaint for this list, given that I doubt woody's
> > > default kernel even boots on such a system.  I know that it does not boot
> > > on mine, and my box is at least a year old.
> >
> > ... hence why bf2.4 is provided.
> But even that does not recognize the 8233A southbridge, as I have now been
> able to verify. (New system.) Nor do I think will it support 48-bit LBA.
> Oh well, it does boot, so you can get to a point where you can compile
> your own optimised kernel.

<lurks on lkml>
...but 2.4.19 will. The long wait for .19 is mostly because of the IDE
patches that have been applied (who wants to lose their data?). I
wonder if 2.5 supports 48bit LBA yet....


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