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Re: mozilla-browser conflicts with galeon 1.2.3?

> The real question is why mozilla declares any relationship to galeon at
> all. Galeon should have a "Depends: mozilla-browser (=1.blah.blah)",
> with the appropriate version. The conflict seems unnecessary.

Galeon used to have a strict versioned dependency on mozilla-browser.
With the release of RC1 i had expected mozilla to become stable...
Unfortunately they decided to still keep on changing their API.

With the release of moz rc1 i dropped the exact dependency in favour of
a dependency that allowed newer mozilla versions.
Having been told by galeon upstream that galeon 1.2.1 will NOT work with
rc3 i requested that mozilla's maintainer added a conflict on galeon
1.2.3 - because mozilla rc3 DOES break galeon 1.2.1 (according to

That way people don't end up with a broken galeon, which is the most
important thing, not _where_ the dependeny is located, IMHO.

Erich Schubert

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