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Re: How to package device files?

In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:

>> >   Packages must not remove any device files in the postrm or any other
>> >   script. This is left to the system administrator.
>> OK, though it seems a bit wasteful to leave useless /dev files
>> laying around...
> Those of us who care about such things use devfs.. :)

I'm a bit reluctant to use features deemed "experimental" in
production software.  It doesn't really project the image we
want to present to our customers.  I only switched from 2.2 to
3.0 when I thought that 3.0 was going to be released before my
ship date.  If 3.0 isn't release soon, I'm going to have to do
some tap dancing.

I'm also confused about the chicken/egg issue when using devfs.
My driver module gets loaded when somebody opens a device file.
If devfs device files are created at the request of driver
modules, how do they get autoloaded in the first place?

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