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Re: How to package device files?

In linux.debian.devel, you wrote:

>> I'm working on a package that contains character device files
>> among the files to be installed.
>> how do I get the install process to install the files as they
>> exist in the package file?
> Create them in the postinst, after asking the user for permission. See
> policy 11.6:
>   Packages must not include device files in the package file tree.

OK, fair enough.

>   If a package needs any special device files that are not included in
>   the base system, it must call MAKEDEV in the postinst script, after
>   asking the user for permission to do so.

I tried MAKEDEV and it replies 

      don't know how to make device "/dev/ttyR0"
So doing a mknod seems to be the only option, and that's a
policy violation?

>   Packages must not remove any device files in the postrm or any other
>   script. This is left to the system administrator.

OK, though it seems a bit wasteful to leave useless /dev files
laying around...

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