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How to handle C++ linked interpreters?


As I'm packaging a new version of the Yehia library (ucxx.sf.net), for
which I'm upstream, too, I encounter the following 'problem':

Yehia is (to a great extent) about presenting C++ interfaces to
scripting languages (such as Python, which is ATM the only working
scripting language supported by Yehia). The scripting interfaces are
loaded at runtime either by a C++ program (that uses Python as
extension language) or by a python script running in the
interpreter. However, this interpreter must be linked with C++ for the
following reasons:

* Exceptions don't work when the executable is linked by C.  

* g++ doesn't seem to link libstdc++ into libraries. That means the
  executable has to be linked against libstc++.

As the standard Python interpreter (and any interpreter for a language
supported by Yehia in the future (FYI: Guile support is held up by a
GOOPS bug)) doesn't fullfill this requirements, I want to provide a
C++ linked version of the respective interpreters (only Python for
now) along with my Yehia packages (and built from Yehia source).

Probably the best solution would be to create a seperate package of
just the interpreter, and depend on that, since other packages may
have the same requirements.

So, now there are the questions:

* How to name the package (python-c++ or python-cpp seem reasonable)?

* How to name the executable (should be the same as pkg name)?

* How to handle the different version of the interpreter (such as
  python 1.5/2.1/2.2)?
  If those package(s) are really built from Yehia source, there would be 
  only one package, for the 'current standard' version of the interpreter.

* Could the debian python (and guile, etc.) pkgs provide a c++-linked version?

Regards, Andy (please CC: me or debian-devel, as I'm not on debian-python)
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