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Re: Debian Developer Survey (short, anonymous)

Am 31.05.02 um 14:35:34 schrieb Erich Schubert:
> You could roughly say that a "Vordiplom" is a bit more than the
> bachelor, and the "Diplom" is a bit more than the master... IMHO.

Without knowing the universities you refer to (I only have some
experience of British universities), I think that what you say here is
an exaggeration.

(It takes one year from bachelor to master, and three (or more) from
Vordiplom to Diplom; I doubt that "a bit more" is accurate in both

> Why not just add them to the list?

Yes, those two[*] and then the others from France, Italy, the Netherlands,
Japan ... (sorry if not all countries are mentioned). 

That's not reasonable.


[*] You have to distinguish between German "Hochschule" and
"Fachhochschule". That's four. Oh, and some schools offer a bachelor and
master in Germany as well. Surely these are not the same as the American
counterpart, are they? That's six then.

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