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Re: Letting google index the BTS?

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Roland Mas wrote:

> Adam Heath (2002-05-30 11:17:16 -0500) :
> > Also, I've considered implementing a cache.  By this, I mean when
> > pkgrepot.cgi/bugreport.cgi generate html, they would save it
> > somewhere.  Then, when a new request comes in, some timestamp
> > comparison would be done, and it would serve the saved static page,
> > if nothing had been updated.
> >
> > The above is made complex because of helper files like Maintainers
> > and Sources.
> Sounds like a job for Make.  You'll end up with a rather large
> Makefile (or lots of small ones including each other), but it's
> doable.  I investigated that solution for a large website I have to
> maintain at work (would have involved some 200k files), and found no
> problems with it (even if it's not the solutionthat was eventually
> chosen).

Make means statting.  Statting is slow.

My dynamic index generator reads a 'log' of sorts produced by the debbugs
incoming cleaner.  It then only processes those files.

I've done the makefile/postgres db thing for a website before.  The makefile
wasn't large at all, as it generated a makefile fragment by running a database

But I will consider it, at least.

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