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Re: Debian Developer Survey (short, anonymous)

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Mark Brown wrote:
> > How would you know the US equivalent if you're not from the US?
> Usually from hanging round the net and/or seeing US produced media
> (films, TV shows...).

Of course. Just give me a few seconds, I'm trying to catch a decent
signal with my extra-long-range antenna.
Seriously, wouldn't this be much simplier to ask things another way ?

This is *really* difficult to make a correlation between american
college grade and, take, the french, theorically « equivalent », 
level of studies. There are _huge_ differencies between the two systems, and
I doubt we would be able to learn those differences by watching Buffy or
Baywatch. Google is often our best friend to understand americanisms,
but this is not so simple here.

I believe such a survey should avoid asking such country-dependant questions
to be truly interesting and exploitable.
Just my thoughts.

Emmanuel le Chevoir

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