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UKUUG Linux Developer Conference 2002

The above event is talking place in Bristol between Thursday the 4th and
Sunday the 7th of July, and features a range of interesting talks (and
paid tutorials) from a big number of well-known free software and open
source personalities. Whilst it clashes with Debconf, I find myself
unable to visit Canada on financial grounds, and find Bristol to be a
little closer to hand. Next time Debconf comes to Europe perhaps...

The information for the event is here:
and a hefty discount is available until the end of May for prompt
booking. A little short notice, I know, but fax/telephone booking is
available. =)

Besides making sure everyone's aware of this, I'm posting to find out
who is going to this (besides the obvious Debianites who are doing talks
there), and if people would like to meet up on some or all of the
days after the talks are over for food, beverage, keysign, or all of the

(please cc me on replies on -devel or -events-eu)

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