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Unidentified subject!

Reply-To: john@thebirdman.org

To: Friends and correspondents
From: John 'Birdman' Bryant
Re: Important announcement

Dear Folks:

We have recently discovered that our Internet website, www.thebirdman.org, 
is an 800-POUND GORILLA!  (Or GUERRILLA, if you want to look at it that 
way.)  Alexa.com, which ranks the popularity of 20 million websites 
worldwide, has ranked us in the TOP 1/2 PERCENT OF ALL WEBSITES!  We're 
ahead of Newsweek and many other well-known websites, and that's with zero 
advertising, zero budget, zero staff, zero fancy programming, and zero 
pretty-much everything else except hard work, a handful of sharp-eyed and 
dedicated correspondents, and our one big open secret: TELLING THE TRUTH 

And what is that secret?  Very simply, it is daring to break the world's 
most stringent taboo, CRITICIZING JEWS.  Most people nowadays are 
absolutely PETRIFIED of being called 'antisemitic', 'racist' 'bigoted', 
'hateful' and all the other liberal and Jewish smear words and shut-up 
terms, but we have refused to allow such accusations to silence us.  Our 
enemies call us BRASH (Bigoted Racist Anti-Semitic Haters) but we always 
respond: "Ask not whether we are bigoted, racist or all the rest, ASK ONLY 
IF WE ARE RIGHT!"  The answer, of course, is that we ARE right. 

And what are we right about?  One thing that should be pretty obvious to 
even the most poorly-informed is that Jews are the world's biggest racists, 
and have no compunctions about ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from 
the land which the Pals have occupied for thousands of years.  But don't 
get me wrong -- I am no partisan of the Pals, who would probably behave 
just as badly as the Jews if given the chance.  Nor do I have anything 
against racism, whether Jewish or any other -- after all, racism is a law 
of nature, commonly expressed as "Birds of a feather flock together", and 
everybody is a racist, whether he admits it or not. 

No, I am not concerned with Jewish racism, tho I do think it is 
enlightening to see the brutality with which the Jews pursue it (Torture, 
for example, is legal in Israel, and is used extensively there; and it is 
hard to keep from noticing that the most visible advocate of torture in the 
US is prominent Harvard loudmouth and Jewish chauvinist, Alan "Chutzpah" 
Dershowitz.)  Rather, my concern is with the fact that Jews have prescribed 
for themselves in Israel a thoroughgoing racism, while in America they are 
leaders of the liberal zeitgeist which prescribes exactly the opposite for 
gentiles, namely, a destructive multiculturalism which is rapidly turning 
this nation into a brown-and-black sewer in which the prognosis for low-
birthrate whites is slow genocide with accompanying destruction of the 
greatest culture the world has ever known.  Communism, civil rights, 
integration, immigration, affirmative action, gun control, feminism, hate-
crime laws, anti-militia statutes, promotion of negro culture (rap music, 
low-slung pants, etc), promotion of sexual license, promotion of the Big 
Lie of the Holocaust -- all these and many other programs and policies are 
Jewish-led enterprises whose effect has been to break down American and 
Western culture by promoting hatred of everything white (slavery, 'dead 
white men', 'racism', 'discrimination', 'greedy capitalists', etc, etc, ad 
nauseam), while encouraging the submergence of the white race in a rising 
tide of color, both internal (miscegenated) and external (immigrant).  In 
short, the world Jewish establishment has been waging a two-pronged war 
against America and the West -- an ideological war against our values, our 
heroes and our culture, and a physical war against our race and our genome.  
What is more, there is nothing unprecedented about this war -- the Jewish-
led Russian revolution not only used Pavlovian conditioning and other forms 
of brainwashing in an attempt to create a tabula rasa in the New Soviet 
Man, but they wiped out the flower of the Russian and Polish races in 
deliberate acts of genocide. 

I do not make the above charges lightly, and I have supplied a good deal of 
supporting information on my website.  I am not asking you to believe me; 
rather I say, Go find out for yourself.  My website is by no means the only 
place you can find out this information (tho I like to think it is one of 
the best), for there are many others which have been put up by those who 
are concerned about the same things as I.  We have put up our websites 
because we have been denied access by the Establishment media -- hardly a 
surprise, as virtually all the media are Jewish-controlled.  (Again, not a 
charge I make lightly, but one which has been extensively documented.)  For 
us it has been out of frustration and desperation; but now we see that the 
Net is the future, and it is sites like TheBirdman.org which are going to 
control it -- provided the Establishment fails in its attempt to suppress 
what we have to say. 

Another matter concerning the Jews which bears mentioning in the present 
context is 911.  While the currently-collapsing 'official story' holds 
various Arabs responsible, the evidence which has been widely disseminated 
on the Net demonstrates the strong likelihood that Arabs had nothing to do 
with it (except perhaps as patsies), and that the Israeli Mossad and/or the 
CIA were probably the real perpetrators.  (To this it may be added that an 
attack by Israelis on Americans is hardly unprecedented, as witness the 
Lavon affair and the attack on the USS Liberty.)  Of course the Arabs did 
in fact have a motive for 911 -- America lavishly backs Israel, and Israel 
would never have survived without the billions upon billions of dollars 
American taxpayers have dumped into Izzie pockets.  Needless to say, this 
motive -- however obvious it may be -- is never mentioned by government 
spokesmen or the press, since people might start getting the idea that it 
is not so good for the Israeli tail to be wagging the American dog -- a 
fact that might jeopardize the special relationship between American 
politicians and Jewish money (as Pat Buchanan put it, Congress is 'Israeli-
occupied territory'.)  But Israel had a motive for 911 as well, namely, to 
demonize the Arabs and have an excuse for pulverizing them (or getting 
Uncle Sam to do it), as we are now seeing in the case of the Pals, and as 
we will undoubtedly see in the case of Saddam, all in the convenient name 
of 'stopping terrorism'.  There are other ways, of course, in which 911 
advances the Jewish agenda; for as the 'war on terrorism' brings America 
closer and closer to a police state, it brings America more and more under 
the thumb of the Zionist Occupation Government in Washington. 

There are some who will no doubt accuse me of engaging in 'conspiracy 
theory' in my accusations against the Jews; but the reality is very much 
the opposite.  One does not have to postulate labyrinthine theories about 
things which are open and obvious.  The ugly fact is that, whenever a rock 
is turned over, it is not exactly infrequent that a Jew comes scuttling 
out; so after you have turned over a few rocks, you begin to get the 
connection between Jews and the Dark Side.  I hasten to add, however, that 
this is by no means a condemnation of all Jews; for as I have pointed out 
on numerous occasions, there are many righteous Jews who have given 
invaluable help to our side.  Rather, the point is that there is a clear 
association between Judah and what is destructive to America and the West, 
so that whenever we are involved with a member of this race, and 
particularly a member of the Jewish Establishment, it behooves us to be on 
our guard; and whenever we see an act of destruction, it is by no means 
irrational to follow the advice that a Frenchman might give: cherchez le 

In closing, let me urge you to visit our website if you have not done so 
already.  It will open your eyes if only you will open your mind.

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