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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

David Starner wrote:

At 09:28 AM 5/27/02 +0200, HAESSIG Jean-Christophe wrote:

why not putting them in /bin/modules

Because directories in /bin are prohibited by the FHS, so we might
as well stay with /hurd?

This is all about modifying the FHS... They just say there should be no
subdirectories in /bin but i think there is no apparent reason. if there
was nothing in /lib i believe they would have prohibited any
subdirectories in it too.
I'm just looking for the logical solution. /hurd could be good but since
i can classify translators below an existing subdirectory i can't see it
as the best solution. On the other hand just the name 'hurd' disturbs me:
even if it means something it is too much related with the name of the
OS. I like a 'neutral' system, if the hurd had another name i wouldn't
mind this directory to be called 'hurd'. It makes me remember of
'c:\windows' ... If i am happy with my OS and am proud of it, i will
advertise myself. I don't need any 'Linux' or 'Hurd', whatever flashing
around. if you call it '/trans' i won't mind.

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