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Re: Wishlist for woody+1

> > - diff's for packages (well, there's apt-pupdate ;)

> here is mine wishlist:
> -is there a chance Packages, Sources and Release files to be rsync-able on 
> apt-get update, because it is too much waste of bandwidth to download them 
> over and over again just when one row were changed in those files.

[x] You did not read the page at the URL i posted.
s/packages/Packages/ in the line of my previous posting above...
rsync creates to much server load for this, there are much easier,
compatible and faster ways of doing this...

> -successfuly rebuildable source packages with build-depends within a 
> distribution (friends: auto-apt, dpkg-checkbuilddeps). A way for users to 

well, there were so many solved FTBFS errors that this should work...

> pass -march and -O to each source package independently or globally for all, 
> otherwise use the defaults, provided by debian/rules file.

Globally will not work. Certain packages will not work with certain
optimization levels (on certain archs... ;).
So i guess that there should just be some env-variables set for this,
and the debian/rules should if possible interprete these variables.
Maybe the best way to achieve this is adding some debhelper tool ;)

Erich Schubert

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