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Re: CPU specific/optimized Debian builds ?

Renaud Guerin wrote:


I was having a look at Gentoo Linux the other night, and their principle of rebuilding your own packages with your chosen gcc -O & -march flags.

I got wondering, how one should go about rebuilding from source a whole debian installation in a similar way ? Anybody did this before, or are there any significant hurdles that prevent automating this process ?

With the forthcoming significant updates to big parts of the system (XF4.2, KDE 3), and the simultaneous release of gcc 3.1, maybe now would also be a good time to consider having an arch-"x86 on steroids" along with i386, with an automated build process.

I've read the performance improvements in the case of Gentoo *really* make a difference. I believe Debian has an advanced enough packages & build system to make such build processes relatively painless, so why not take advantage of it and offer more performance ?

I could understand the overhead and practical unfeasability of adding an additional arch (even though it's not really a *different* arch), but it'd be nice if at least there were a straightforward tool/procedure to generate a custom-built CD Image with optimized packages.

I suspect there might be something like this already, maybe someone is even already hosting optimized ISO's somewhere.
If so, please make yourself heard ! :)

ps: please cc me answers.

   We (me and a friend of mine) have actually started a small
process of building debian for i686 and it isn't that complicate.
Actually with "only" 4 minor patches we can easily build all the
base system but we are looking deeper in some automatization
processes. Until now we built all by hand to be sure that everything
is working. We expect to come out with some documentation and possibly
a mirror within the end of june (I have summer holidays right now...
so no pc with me :-) ).
If you are really interested in such idea fell free to contact me.
The main target of our project is more to gain experience in handling
debian at a very low level than getting a 0.2% faster system.


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