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Re: where do NEW packages go?

Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> writes:

> The problem I have is with the attitude that Policy can be ignored
> for the Hurd port because it's a different architecture, or that
> Policy should be amended to allow libexec as a Hurd-specific
> extension.  

Nobody is suggesting that Policy be ignored for the Hurd port.

But how policy should look for the Hurd is one of the things that is
"in development".  Having the Hurd port exactly conform to policy is
something that must certainly bu true at the *end* of the porting
process.  But there is no particular advantage to insisting it be true
at every step along the way.  One of the things that has to adapt to
make the port a success is policy itself.  And--before you jump on
it--of course any such policy amendments need to be discussed in the
normal policy amendment way.

In the case of particular directories and FHS compliance, policy will
mostly not even be involved, since the right thing to do there is to
have the FHS contain a proper Hurd annex.  That's a question which is
more or less between the FHS team and the Hurd developers and users
(where the latter group is *not* the same thing as the Debian Hurd
porting team.)


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